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How does Solar Works?

Solar electricity is generated by converting the shining light  which falls onto your solar panels into DC electricity.

Then Solar Inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity which is send to the properties switchboard.

This electricity is then used to power your appliances.

Why Solar


  • The fuel is free.
  • There are no moving parts to wear out, break down or replace.
  • Only minimal maintenance requried to keep the system running.
  • The system are modular and can be quickly installed anywhere.
  • It produces no noise, harmful emissions or polluting gases.

Why Choose Us

RHP SOLAR SYSTEMS is working with UTL one of the best solar power solutions company in India. According to recent reports UTL is leading India's residential solar market with the largest market share.

We at RHP Solar Systems provide Solar Power Solutions for all the sectors such as residential households, hostels, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, Industrial Canteen, Process Industries and Government establishments.

We Provide!

  • Free Inspection
  • Quality Products
  • Professional Installation
  • Competitive Pricing
  • After Sales Service

Solutions by Us

  • Grid-Tie Solar
  • Off-Grid Solar
  • Solar Hybrid Solutions
  • Normal Inverter to Solar Conversion
  • Solar DC System