Solar Battery Management System

  • Active Equalisation Technique Based on Flash MC
  • Easy to Install with Existing Batteries
  • Enhances Battery Life
  • LCD display for Easy Monitoring
  • Operates in All Modes: Battery Charging, Dishcarging or Idle Mode

Best Battery Equalizer For Off Grid Solar

Solar Battery Management System by SuKam is a specialized Battey Equalizer. It is specially designed to extract maximum power from your solar bank, reduces the losses and increase the battery life. It prevents overcharging and undercharging of the batteries in your solar power bank. It can be connected with 2 or more batteries where they are connected in series and charged as a single unit. Solar Battery Equalizer removes the imbalances in the charging and discharging of the batteries, as due to this imbalance efficiency of the batteries are reduced and so the life of the batteries.

By using Solar Battery Management System you can equalize the voltage of the batteies and they are charged and discharged together, which results into increases in efficiency and life expectancy of batteries.


  • Active Equalization Technique based on Flash Microcontroller
  • In-built LCD Display for Easy Monitoring and Calibration
  • Enhances and Expands Battery Life
  • Ideal Fit For Batteries Connected Series
  • Multi Units Installation with Multiple Batteries