SolarMate -  MPPT Solar Charge Controller

  • Multi Power Point Tracking Technology
  • Battery Overcharging Protection
  • 30% Increase in Performance
  • Automatic Battery Selection
  • DT6S- 6 Stage Battery Charging

Sukam Solar Charge Controller is the latest product which is built on latest generation microprocessor and MPPT Technology. MPPT Technology makes your Solar System generate maximum solar power and it generates almost 30% more than ordinary charge controllers. These charge controllers ensures optimum battery charging with 6 stage charging technology


Extra Savings with Latest MPPT Technology

Advanced MPPT technology in the MPPT charge controller boosts the current and voltage coming from the panels. For Example, if Solar Panels are making 12v then MPPT Solar Charge Controller will be delivering 13V to the battery. This results in solar savings for you and the batteries will be also charged adequately and quickly. Finally you will be getting solar energy equal to 12 panels from just 10 solar panels

Automatic Protection against High Voltage and Current

If in any circumstances very high voltage is fed from the Solar Panels directly to the battery it will result in battery damage. Solar Charge Controllers are intelligent enough to detect any such circumstances. Whenever the current reaches beyond 25Amps (where the battery is of 20 Amps) it automatically shuts down. After 3.5 minutes it automatically switches itself on when the current and voltage are reduced to safe level.

Automatic Battery Selection

These solar Charge Controllers are designed in such a way that it automatically detects the capacity of battery. It can easily detect whether the battey is 12v or 24v and charge it accordingly. It regulates the voltage and charging current to make it suitable for battery according to its capacity.