Solar Home Lighting System

  • Affordable
  • In-Built Charge Controller & Battery
  • Can be Used Anywhere
  • DC Light &DC TV

Su- Kam Solar Home Lighting System

Su-Kam's solar Home Lighting System is portable mini off-grid system designed in such a way that lets you enjoy the solar power in an eficient and inexpensive way. It includes fan, light and TV that run on DC, in this process no energy is wasted in DC to AC conversion.

When solar electricity is available it goes through the Solar Home Lighting System, which is equipped with Solar Charge Controller, to power DC electrical equipments connected to this home lighting systems such as light, TV, fan. It also has a battery to store solar energy for future also.


Day & Night Sensor- This Solar Home Lighting System can automatically detect when the day sets and night begins.

Option to charge from the Grid- During cloudy days and bad weather Solar Home Lighting System can be charged from the grid. So it acts as mini inverter.

In-built Solar Charger- A 2.20Amps Solar Charge Controller is fitted in the home lighting system that battery doesn't get overcharged and also prohibits back flow of current from battery to solar panels during nightime.

Zero Idle Current- Solar DC Home Lighting System consumes zero current when there is no load connected  to it.

Advantages of DC Load- You can enjoy light and cool air from fan, and enjoy TV shows and charge your phone in pure DC.

Prolong Battery Life- Battery is charged from pure DC from solar panels and pure DC charging prolongs battey life.

Protection from Voltage Fluctuations and Deep Discharge- This DC Solar Home Lighting System is equipped with a charge controller which is designed in such a way to protect battery from high voltage coming from solar panels, and at the same time ensures that battery doesn't go into deep discharge.