Su-Kam Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit)

  • Smart Grid Priority Selection
  • Maximize Solar Power Utilization
  • Grid & Solar Charging Options
  • Remote & Local Monitoring Option
  • LCD Display For Easy Monitoring

Solar PCU- Right Partner for Off Grid Solar Power System

Sukam's Off Grid Solar Power PCU serves both as an inverter and a solar charge controller. Solar PCU is a unique hybrid system which charges the battey from Solar and Grid. Solar PCU is mainly used for powering electrical load by converting the available DC electricity from the Solar Panels to AC electricity and simultaneously storing the remaining power in storage batteries. In case when there is a deficit of solar power, Solar PCU runs the connected load on the solar energy stored in batteries.

Intelligent Charging Sharing Options : Enjoy Non-Stop Power

Solar PCU is designed is such a way that it intelligently checks the output power of the panel and then utilize it smartly. If Solar Power is sufficient to charge the battery then PCU will not take any power from the main grid and in the event solar power is less then the PCU will charge the battery from the mains.

Decide When to Use the Grid or Not

Solar PCU by Su-Kam is so intelligent that it can think for you and smartly used the solar power simultaeously for running the electrical and charging the batttery. It also gives you options to decide when to connect to grid. It has two options Solar-Mains-Battery (SMB) and Solar-Battery-Mains(SBM)

30-60 AMP Solar Charge Controller

In-built Solar Charge Controller ensures that right amount of current and voltage reaches the battery to charge it efficiently. Solar Charge Controller also ensures that no reverse flow of current from batteries to panel took place during night time when voltage of battery is more than that of panels.

Keep a Check on Performance of Solar Power System

You can connect your PCU's USB port to a laptop and can check the health of your off grid solar power system. Entire data for the lifetime of 25 years are saved and can be accessed remotely by logging into the system online.