Brainy Eco-Touch World's First Touchscreen PCU

  • MPPT Technology
  • Wifi Connectivity Enabled
  • Intelligent Charging Sharing Technology
  • Affordable

Graphic Display of Important Solar Data

Graphical Display of Brainy Eco Touch is desined in such a way that it gives you all the requried details of Solar System.  Readings regarding Solar Energy Generation starting from per hour basis to monthly and yearly basis. You can conveniently calculate and analyze your usage and money saved accordingly.

Brainy Eco touch is equipped with highly efficient energy meter which keeps the record of the solar energy generation and can save all the data of cumulative solar energy for many years.

Multi Device Connectivity

Brainy Eco Touch, has a wide wi-fi range of 80 meters and you can connect upto 8 smartphones at a same time with the help of an app which can be downloaded easily. You can operate it from anywhere very easily

Intelligent Charging Sharing System

Brainy Eco Touch, is considered the best off-grid solar inverter and it also has the most important feature of intelligent charging sharing which is designed in such a way that it always give priority to solar power. If output from solar panel is sufficient to charge the battery, no power from the grid is used. Grid power is only used in cases when there is a deficit in solar power and only the deficiency amount in the power will be taken from the grid. Sufficient battey is charged while keeping the usage of mains power at a minimum.

MPPT Technology Generates Maximum Solar Power

Brainy's Charge Controller is equipped with the latest MPPT (Multi Power Point Tracking) Technology to enable your solar power system to extract at least 30% more power than any other ordinary PWM Technology based charger. This results in extra power and extra savings

ATC- Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology

Automatic Temperature Compensation technology helps Brain Eco Touch to sense the external temperature of the battery and regulate battery's boost charging voltage on the basis of the temperature. In cases of temperatre above 25 degrees, boost charging voltage is decreased and boost charging voltage is automatically increased when the temperature falls below 25 degrees. ATC technology guarantees the increase in battery life upto 6 months.

Grid Charging Options

User can choose any option for charging through grid or solar supply as and when wishes. Brainy Eco Touch can switch over to Mains charging enabled or disabled mode respectively